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Tuesday, Jul. 29, 2014

Orientation course planned for new MCOE senior leaders

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Because Fort Benning and the Maneuver Center of Excellence typically experience high senior leader turnover during the summer months, the MCoE will host the Maneuver Senior Leader Orientation Course Aug. 6-7.

The primary target audience for the two-day orientation is new battalion and brigade commanders, deputy commanding officers, executive officers and S3s, said Michael Quirion with MCoE G3.

"You've got a new batch of battalion and brigade commanders and key staff," he said. "They come in from all over the Army. Some of them may have been in a TRADOC assignment before and may know a little bit about it, but a lot of them have never been in a TRADOC assignment. They come from the operational Army into the institutional Army. Yes, we're all the same Army, but we have different processes, procedures, systems and regulations. The way we conduct business is quite different from the operational Army, so we try to teach them some things during the course.

"You come out of this with a good overview of how we do business here at Fort Benning, and the most important thing is you now have a point of contact on any subject that we covered during the course that you can reach out to for additional information. Questions are going to come up throughout the year ... and they'll know who to reach out and get."

Quirion said topics for the course were generated during a brainstorming session, and will vary in nature.

"We cover everything from budgeting to how student loads are calculated and distributed to instructor development and recognition," Quirion said. "For example, we'll have Martin Army come in and talk about commander responsibility with medical boards and other things. We'll talk about civilian education and the chaplain will give a presentation on how to get more out of your chaplain."

And while the target audience is new senior leaders, all senior leaders at Fort Benning will be included. "It's good for new commanders to hear it, but it's also good for people who have been here for a while to hear it again," Quirion said.

All course material will be posted on Sharepoint after the course has concluded, including all presentations and points of contact lists.

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