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Tuesday, Jul. 01, 2014

'Blackhawks' zero in during Scout gunnery

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C Troop, 3rd Squadron, 1st Cavalry Regiment, 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, conducted scout non-stabilized gunnery on Fort Benning June 24 at Carmouche Range to qualify Humvee crews on their main weapon system.

Scout non-stabilized gunnery gives the Cavalry troopers the ability to work on their big gun shooting skills while shooting from the Army's Humvee using the M240L machine gun or the M2A1 50 caliber machine gun.

For the past two months the squadron has been training and preparing the troopers for gunnery and they finally put it all to work in June.

The crew of C-18, also referred to as Red 8, sat in their Humvee for a good part of the day waiting for their turn to shoot.

The crew, driver, Pfc. Christopher Phelps, a native of Napa, California, gunner, Pfc. Kyle Olson, a native of Seattle, Washington, and truck commander, Sgt. Carlos Trevino, a native of El Paso, Texas, had worked together for the past few weeks on their crew skills in preparation for gunnery.

This is Phelps' second gunnery as a Humvee driver since joining the Army 15 months ago.

Olson, with 15 months servvice, said he was confident in himself and in his crew., although it was his first gunnery.

Trevino has been in the Army for six years and this was his third gunnery as a crew member.

"I did gunnery with my old unit in Fort Bliss, (Texas,) and this is my second gunnery here with 3-1 Cav., but last gunnery I was a Bradley gunner, which makes this all new for me," Trevino said.

Red 8 ended their Table VI non-stabilized gunnery with a score of 769 points out of a possible 1000, earning them a first time crew qualification.

The crew of Red 8 is now a certified crew and will remain so until either the gunner or truck commander leaves or changes position.

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