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Tuesday, Mar. 18, 2014

Acknowledge contributions, do not tolerate prejudicial treatment

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Women’s History Month provides us with an opportunity to acknowledge the many contributions women have made to our nation and to our Army. In every conflict in our nation’s history, women have served as Soldiers and in other positions vital to the war effort.

Today’s female Soldiers continue to serve with valor and distinction, carrying on the rich and long tradition of character, courage and commitment that makes our Army the strength of the nation.

And we should acknowledge the contributions of women in our Army Families, spouses and daughters who serve and provide untiring support through peace and war. We should all remember the sacrifices and contributions that women have made and continue to make for our nation.

Our Army is a team of teams in which men and women are willing to give everything, including their lives, for one another. Military men and women are bound together by a common sense of duty, loyalty to our Constitution, trust in each other, and respect for each other.

Our task today is to make sure that we treat all Soldiers equally, and do not tolerate prejudicial treatment due to a Soldier’s gender. One Force, One Fight!

Maj. Gen. H. R. McMaster Commanding General

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