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Thursday, Jan. 30, 2014

Monthly security classes cover variety of topics

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The Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security’s Security Division offers monthly security education training and awareness classes for those who wish to further their security knowledge.

The SETA classes are primarily for new S2s and security managers, and cover a variety of topics, including personnel information, personally identifiable information, foreign disclosure, information assurance and operations security.

SETA classes also include intelligence oversight briefings, which are required for S2s and security managers.

“We offer the refresher training for anyone who has previously taken it,” said Deborah Kearns, a security specialist. “(Security managers and S2s) have to do that annually, so they come and sit in on the intelligence oversight portion.”

Kearns said the two-day class, which also features guest speakers from the Network Enterprise Center and the 902nd Military Intelligence Unit, is intended to serve as a catchall for security personnel.

“We talk about almost anything that a security manager would need to know or know how to find out,” she said. “We give out names and contact information for key contacts, and lots of materials and policy memos. Anything that they require to get their security management program on track or to keep it on track, we provide. … If they come up with any additional questions, we try to answer them here, and if we can’t, we do the research to get that answer to them.”

However, she also said that once class participants complete the SETA sessions, it is important to remain in contact with Security Division.

“Each security manager has a security division representative who works with them, so after they leave here, we try to stress the importance of staying in contact with that representative,” Kearns said. “But, it’s a two-way street. We keep in contact with them and provide them updated information, such as any changes in policy. We try to make sure all S2s and security managers are informed in as timely a manner as possible on any kind of changes.”

SETA classes are held once a month at Olive Hall, Building 2862, in Room 113. To register, contact Kearns at 545-4772 or Classes are limited to 18 participants. The next class is scheduled for Feb. 19-20.

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